Denver is a city of beautiful mountains, bright lights, and endless opportunities. With its stunning scenery, active outdoor lifestyle, and affordable cost of living, it’s not hard to see why so many people are moving from Los Angeles to Denver.

Let’s look at the 12 reasons why Denver could be a better place for you to live than Los Angeles.

1. Denver Has Many Options for Outdoor Adventures

If you love the outdoors, Denver is the ideal place to live. It’s a city with many hiking trails, mountain peaks, and valleys. Hikers, climbers, and skiers will feel right at home in this outdoor playground, which offers more options than in Los Angeles.

In winter, residents can enjoy world-class skiing on many nearby snowy trails and ski slopes like Breckenridge or Vail. In the summer, there are ample opportunities for hiking, walking, rafting, biking, horseback riding, climbing, and backpacking. With so many outdoor activities at your doorstep, Colorado offers a perfect mix of work-life balance.

2. Denver Has Stunning Natural Beauty

The view is one of the best things about living in Denver. Residents enjoy panoramic mountain vistas, majestic views of the Rockies, breathtaking canyons and rivers, forests, lakes, and national parks.

Colorado’s natural beauty is stunning, with four national parks, three historic trails, eleven national forests, forty-four state parks, and 307 wildlife areas. The state during the autumn season also produces some of the most beautiful foliage in the world.

3. Denver Has a Healthy Population

Denver ranks 8th on a list of healthiest places to live in the U.S., according to WalletHub. The list uses 43 key indicators of good health, including diet and exercise opportunities, among other factors. Los Angeles ranks 19th on the list.

This is because Denver offers a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, camping, and running. So if you’d like to keep your healthy lifestyle in Los Angeles, you’ll have no trouble finding ways to do so in Denver.

4. Denver is More Affordable Than LA

While the cost of living in Colorado is 12% higher than the national average, it is still 24% cheaper than Los Angeles. According to NerdWallet, housing costs are 20% less expensive in Denver than in Los Angeles.

Rent costs for a 2-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles are $2,820, whereas it would only be $1,538 in Denver. The median home price for a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house in Los Angeles is $827,579, while it would only cost $501,929 in Denver.

Besides cheaper transportation and food costs, Denver residents can also benefit from lower healthcare costs despite offering some of the best healthcare services in the U.S. HealthCareInsider ranked Denver as the 8th most populous city with the best healthcare. Los Angeles only ranked 12th on the same list.

Although Denver is less expensive than Los Angeles, it’s still relatively pricey. The biggest hurdle new residents face when moving to Denver is housing costs due to rapidly increasing rental prices and fast-selling homes. But other than that, most living expenses are more or less comparable to other cities.

5. Lower Taxes

If you’re interested in moving to Denver, you’ll be delighted to know that Colorado has some of the lowest taxes in the U.S. The state has a flat income tax rate of 4.55% compared to California with 13.3%, the number one state with the highest income tax rates.

Colorado residents also enjoy low property taxes, with an average effective rate of just 0.49%. That figure gives the state the third-lowest rate in the country. According to SmartAsset, the average homeowner in Colorado pays just $2,710 annually in property taxes using its median home price.

Aside from income and property taxes, Colorado also has one of the lowest sales tax rates in the U.S. The state imposes a sales tax rate of 2.90%, while Denver charges 4.81 for a combined 8.81% rate. However, Colorado does not have any sales tax holidays, unlike other states.

6. Excellent Public Transportation

Denver’s public transportation is easy to navigate, inexpensive, and convenient, so living in Denver without a car is hardly an issue. Residents can quickly get anywhere in the city by riding the train or bus.

The city has an excellent public transportation system, great bike paths, and few cold, overcast days to make getting around a breeze compared to Los Angeles. The city has more than twenty neighborhoods, and almost all of them accommodate people without cars.

7. Denver is Full of Friendly People

While residents of Los Angeles and Denver are both generally viewed as open and friendly, Denver is viewed as a friendlier and more welcoming city. People in Denver often make friends through their hobbies, whether it’s hiking, fishing, disc golfing, or other activities. There are also plenty of online groups for people with similar interests to find one another.

Denver is a friendly, open-minded city with approachable residents. Most people in public spaces like stores and restaurants have a smile on their faces. Denver residents are also forward-thinking and open to new experiences.

8. Fantastic Weather

Denver has ideal weather conditions. Its arid climate brings only 8 to 15 inches of annual precipitation, and locals wake up to more than 300 days of sunshine a year—more annual hours of sun than Los Angeles.

Winters in Denver are mild, with an average daily high of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. But snow doesn’t stay on the ground long, so golf courses and outdoor cafes can stay open all year.

Denver has low relative humidity and beautiful, sun-filled days in the summer. In August, you can get an average daily high of 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Denver’s mild weather is due to its altitude: 5,280 feet above sea level, or exactly a mile high (hence, the Mile High City). The sky is also bluer, and the stars are brighter than in Los Angeles due to the high-desert climate and elevation.

9. Denver is the Best Beer City in the U.S.

Denver is an excellent place for craft beer lovers. Colorado has been dubbed the Napa Valley of Beer, with the state being home to the fourth most breweries per capita in the U.S.

You’ll find over 400 breweries within the state, including notable craft beer breweries and local microbreweries. Here are some recommended ones:

  • Wynkoop Brewing Company – Denver’s first brewpub produces more than 4,000 barrels of fresh beer annually and is among the largest brewpubs in the world.
  • Vine Street Pub & Brewery – A new and groovy addition to Denver’s microbrewery scene, it features Grateful Dead music on the sound system, juicy burgers, and a dedication to lovingly crafted beer.
  • Rock Bottom Brewery – All of Rock Bottom’s beer is handcrafted onsite by dedicated brewmasters with a reverence for the rich traditions of brewing.
  • Breckenridge Brewery – It began modestly in a home brewer’s basement. Today, the company satisfies the thirsts of discerning beer drinkers at three locations in Colorado.

10. Steady Economic Growth

Many people are moving to Denver because of its strong economy. Colorado ranked sixth on a list of states with the strongest economies published by WalletHub. The median household income in the Metro Denver area is also 15.6% higher than the national median income.

Denver is a great place to look for a job since the growing job market offers many opportunities for professionals. Denver is the headquarters of RE/MAX, JBS USA, DaVita, Chipotle, and other big companies. Denver also made Inc. Magazine’s list of the 50 best U.S. cities for starting a business.

Jobs are being created in the city thanks to its booming construction, information technology, and trade industries. Colorado also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, with its major industries including agriculture, tourism, software development, biochemistry, aerospace, farming, and mining.

11. Denver Has Diverse Neighborhoods

There are a number of great neighborhoods throughout Denver, each with its own unique characteristics and personality. The following are some of the best neighborhoods in Denver:


The Denver Highlands is a great neighborhood for anyone who loves Victorian-era homes and buildings, lush gardens, parks, and hip independently owned shops, art galleries, or restaurants.


Uptown is known for its hip cafes, trendy restaurants, and open-air cafes. These establishments line a street called Restaurant Row (17th Avenue), which runs from Broadway to City Park.

Washington Park

Dubbed “Wash Park” by locals, the area has a Rockwellian feel, with its lush landscaping, awning-covered storefronts, and family-friendly atmosphere. Wash Park has two lakes, two formal flower gardens, and seemingly endless expanses of green grass.

RiNo (River North)

RiNo has a unique blend of urban charm and industrial revival that makes it a fun place to visit. Lonely Planet even named River North one of the top 10 neighborhoods to visit in the U.S.

Capitol Hill

This neighborhood is a vibrant mix of arts, culture, and Colorado history. It has excellent proximity to dive bars, good food, and live music (Fillmore Auditorium, Ogden Theater, Bluebird Theater).

Tip: Consider moving to an urban core neighborhood like RiNo. Although it can be more expensive, there are more things to do, and it will be easier to meet new people.

12. Denver Has a Strong Sports Culture

If you’re a sports fan, Denver is where you want to be. The Mile High City is home to no less than six professional teams that thrill sold-out crowds year-round. Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and rugby – Denver’s got it all with some of the world’s best athletes on their rosters.

Football fans will enjoy cheering on the beloved Denver Broncos at the giant Empower Field at Mile High. Baseball fans will love seeing the Colorado Rockies play at Denver’s Coors Field. Soccer fans will get a kick out of seeing the Colorado Rapids play at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.


The city of Denver is a great place to live, with its breathtaking Rocky Mountain beauty and high quality of life. The combination of job opportunities, beautiful weather, scenic views, and a culture of wellness has proved irresistible to many people who have moved there.

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